CNC milling machine

Some times ago I took the decision to start building my own CNC milling machine; I did start to study about it and then I prepared a CAD project of the machine I would like to realize.

At first I defined the fondamental dimensions and the working range in order to be able to machine the pieces I need; after long thinking and endless cost/benefit calculations, I finally froze these dimensions: X900, Y500, Z250.

After that, it was quite easy to define all the other elements of the machine, starting from the base, through the mobile gantry till to the z axis.

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In the meantime I bought all the standard components needed (linear guides, linear ball bearings, ball screws and ball screw bearings, etc.) and I begun to assemble everything. At this moment in time the x and y axis are done, while the z is still on going…

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The mechanical part of the machine isn’t 100%, some details are still missing, but now I’ll make a pause from this and I’ll start concentrating on the electrical side!

Here is shown how it’s built the cabinet (on wheels)¬†where¬†will take place all the electric devices to control the CNC machine; it’ll contain the power supplies, the motor drivers, various switches, the breakout board, etc.

The box is made by iron and follows a modular philosophy. The rails have a lot of holes where they can be screwed; in this way you can choose the height and the depht of each of the support rails and consequently of the devices assembled on them.

Input cables are the 220V electric power and the parallel port cable; on the other side we have output wires to the stepper motors, to the sensor switches and to the spindle.

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