Books and CD’s shelfs

The library is composed of an integrated system of rectangular containers of various sizes and depths, arranged randomly’ on the two walls. Everything has been made of wood and then painted with a washable satin finish, the same used for the walls, in order to accentuate the continuity between the various elements.

The spaces have been optimized to accommodate books and magazines of various kinds, as well as some containers are specifically designed to store music CDs.

The vertical panel in the corner integrates a light source with low consumption that produces a striking effect and can be used as background light to watch TV.

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The fork table

This table was made using a used motorcycle fork as the main element, which gives garage’ style in this piece of furniture.

The base is a thick disk of steel which guarantees the proper stability and the shelf is instead made with a glass of generous thick, glued to a flange specially designed and created at the lathe, that reveals the adjusters of the fork.

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Multifunction column

In a modern flat, where the living room and the kitchen are sharing the same open space, is often a question where to store a multitude of items that you need to cook and you want to have on hand, but at the same time you don’t want to have in front of you when you are resting on the couch.

For this reason I created a false column, perfectly integrated with the adjacent walls, which on the side facing the cooker has a set of glass shelves where they can take place bottles, spices, containers, and all what you need.

The structure is made of wood, fixed to the wall and painted with the same finish as the walls nearby, in order to make it as much as possible invisible when you stay in the living side of the room.

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Multifunctional closet

This closet was realized to fill a wall recess and to obtain different places to store the napery and various things.

Shelfs and place to store the brooms are in the top portion; the housing for the washing machine and a drawer for the dirty clothes are in the bottom.

The whole closet is made in MDF with a coating with a white matt washable paint; handles are in chrome steel.

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In my apartment there was no wardrobe, so jackets, scarves and bags ended up relentlessly on the couch or on the chairs, contributing to increase the mess in the flat.

The solution was this little closet, built in the corner of the living room next to the entry door, equipped inside with a clothes rod and a shelf for storing gloves and scarves.

Above the main wing there is a concealed compartment that is destinated as storage room for garments that are not used in the current season.

I almost forgot: the radiator, which had been placed against the wall next to the door, was moved out of the dressing room!

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Shoe rack

This shoe rack is simple and functional and takes up a very little space; it can contain up to twelve pairs of shoes, also with the original boxes!

It’s made entirely by MDF and it’s finish withwater-base white paint.

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Bedside tables

These bedside tables with a minimalist design have been realized with a iron square section tube; the frame is painted in matt black.

The upper surface is a tempered glass kept in place by specific means.

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I was needing a robust workbench where to work, but I couldn’t find anything that suited my case, especially at an affordable price; this is why I decided to make it myself.

The structure of the bench is made of steel tubes with a section of 40x40mm and 5mm thickness, welded together and painted with a double layer of red coat; the work surface is in plywood with thickness of 32mm and dimensions 130x80cm.

I then added 6 drawers for small parts and tools and 2 high drawers to store larger items; all movements are made with metallic guides for improved smoothness and durability.

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