The Cube

This lamp, with an ‘old style’ design, was born originally as abat-jour, but can be used as well in many other rooms out of the bed room; it can be used as reading light in the living room or simply as design object in any point of your house. Its warm light and original design will give a touch to every ambients!

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To know the technical features of this lamp and to see the endless possibility of customization, please download the technical sheet by clicking on the link below!


Woody 1

This lamp has been realized by using birch plywood with a semi-gloss 100% natural bee-wax finishing.

All components are assembled without the use of glues, screws or nails.

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The Wrench

This lamp with an ‘industrial’ style is matching the compact design with an high lighting power; a real 55mm steel wrench converted into 150W halogen lamp!!!

It’s suitable for wall as well as for ceiling application.

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Couple of abat-jours with a minimal design. Made by plywood with a semi-gloss 100% natural bee-wax finishing and a concrete base. Electric wire with red textile cover.

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