special components


We can realize special oil/water fitting made by stainless steel AISI 304 or aluminum alloy to connect oil/water hoses of the additional/original radiators.
Accurate machining gives to those pieces a great ‘race’ appearance and improves the global motorcycle aesthetic impact!
Any dimension, diameter and thread is possible.

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Lights brackets

This special support bracket was designed to hold polyelissoidal lights on a naked motorcycle.

Parts are made by machined aluminium alloy with some threaded holes.

Components are finally welded together with TIG technique.

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Upper fork plate

This fork plate was specially designed and realized to fit the risers for a naked style handbar.

Machined from 20 mm thick solid aluminum alloy plate; surface finishing is hard natural color oxidation!

Removes┬áthe key switch for a ‘race’ use only…

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