Exhaust system

This is a complete custom exhaust system specially designed to fit on Yamaha R1 my05; basically removes the catalytic converter and improves the performances of the engine by having larger tubes and better routing.

In this case was designed to fit a couple of carbon fiber final silencers, but could be adapted to any model by using specific flanges.

The whole system is made by stainless steel AISI304 with a thickness of 1mm; diameter of the main pipe is 60mm, secondary branches are 45mm.

Everything is TIG welded and then accurately grinded.

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AIS removal

The AIS (Air Induction System) is originally installed to help increasing the engine temperature when started from cold; it makes additonal air coming inside the motor when the cooling liquid temperature id below a given point.

In a ‘race only’ motorcycle this system is not required or useful anymore, so you can remove it and all the connected components; you’ll get a weight reduction and simplify the system!

To make it possible the covers have been modified by closing the neck of connection and adding a bracket to hold the wire harness; the whole air injection circuit has been removed!

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